Former Visiting Scientists

Nina Grace Walker Hansen
October - December 2019
University of Southern Denmark 
Osmoregulation in the Gulf Toadfish, Opsanus beta 

Kelly Hannan
September - October 2018
James Cook University 
Ocean acidification effects on breathing, swimming physiology and athletic performance in fish 

Jacelyn Shu
September - October 2018
University of British Columbia
Enhanced oxygen unloading in fish 

Eric Folkerts
2018a, May - June 2019b
University of Alberta
Alterations to mahi-mahi cardiomyocyte contractile properties following exposure to dilute fractions of hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced wateraChanges to mahi-mahi cardiomyocyte contractility properties and swim performance following exposure to hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced waterb

Shiming Peng
2017 - 2018
East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Science
The effects of plasma on intestinal metabolic rates of unfed toadfish

Asam Jan
2017 - 2018
Department of Zoology, Islamai College University, KPK Pakistan
Copper toxicity to freshwater fish

Dr. Prescilla Perrichon
University of North Texas
Oil induced impairments of cardiac function in early life stages of mahi mahi 

Dr. Lauren Sweet
University of North Texas
UV enhanced oil toxicity in mahi - mahi

Dr. Dane Crossley
2013, 2015
University of North Texas
Methods for Doppler heart rate measurements in mahi - mahi

Dr. Aaron Roberts
University of North Texas
Methodology for assessing UV enhanced oil toxicity

Dr. Meg Welch
James Cook University, Australia
Oil induced alterations on behavior by damselfish and mahi - mahi 

Dr. Yao Zongli
East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute
Acid - base balance in teleost fish

Dr. Gretchen Bielmeyer
Valdosta State University
Impact of combined Copper and elevated CO2 on corals

Dr. Guluzar Atil
University of Hakkari
Oxidative stress and defense systems in Lymnaea  stagnalis  

Dr. Som Niyogi
University of Saskatchewan 
Impacts of nickel on Lymnaeastagnalis

Dr. Jon Whittamore
2008 - 2009 
University of Exeter, UK
Intestinal bicarbonate secretion in killifish

Dr. Martin Tresquerres
2008 - 2009
Cornell Medical School
SAC's activity in marine teleost intestinal epithelium

Dr. Stephen Secor
University of Alabama
Post - prandial oxygen consumption and bicarbonate secretion in burmese python intestinal epithelium

Giovanna Sattin
University of Padova, Italy
Carbonic anhydrase in the Gulf toadfish

Dr. Carol Bucking
McMaster University, Canada
Physiological and behavioral response to feeding in killifish 

Dr. Jonathan Wilson
2006, 2008
CIMAR, Portugal
Luminal alkalization and ammonia excretion in the weather loach

Al Nyack
University of Rhode Island 
Carbonic anhydrase in crustacean tissue

Mustafa Bayaa
University of Ottawa, Canada
Anion exchange and base excretion in zebrafish

Dr. Eric Pane
Carbonic anhydrase in crustacean tissues

Dr. Sue Clearwater
New Zealand
Effects of water and died borne cadmium on the pulmonate snail, Lymnaeastagnalis

Dr. Gary Anderson
University of Manitoba, Canada
Endocrine control of spiral valve salt and water transport in elasmobranchs

Dr. Rod Wilson
2003 - 2004
University of Exeter, UK
Is the calcium sensing receptor involved in intestinal bicarbonate secretion?

Dr. Erik Hviid Larsen
The August Keogh Institute - University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Mechanism of isotonic water transport

Dr. Nic Burry
Kings College, UK
Iron acquisition in marine teleost fish

Dr. Chris Cooper
Kings College, UK
Iron acquisition in marine teleost fish

Dr. Richard Smith
McMaster University, Canada 
Copper transport through ENaC